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 - Buy $1.05 ad packs to receive $1.55 worth of Paid To Click Ads ASAP!
 - Don't invest and start out from scratch.
 - Invest money until you're happy with your daily earnings.

PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.Advertisers purchase ads in our system. We then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser.

What is the minimum cashout

My Traffic Value Earnings Balance: No minimum! 
Perfect Money: $1.00 
Bitcoin: $1.00
EgoPay: $10.00 
Solid Trust Pay: $10.00 
PayPal: $2.00 
Bank Wire: $250.00

How long do cashouts take

My Traffic Value earnings balance transfers are instant. Payment Processor cash outs can take up to 1- 3 days, but are usually paid the same/following day.

How do I earn Bonus Ad Points for free

View "BAP" ads from your Paid Ads page. You'll receive 16* 25BAP ads each server day until you have viewed 100 BAP ads in total. And from then on you'll receive 8x 25 BAP ads each server day.

How do I earn bonus ad points

In addition to the free ways to earn Bonus Ad Points as mentioned above. You can also earn Bonus Ad Points by purchasing advertising with us.
Every $1.05 of Bulk Advertising you purchase will add 3100 BAP to your account.

Bonus Ad Points Overview

Bonus Ad Points (BAP) are essentially your earning potential when it comes to receiving paid Bulk Ads. If you have 1000 BAP, then you will receive paid bonus ads totalling $0.50 in click value, as soon as possible. As each ad is delivered to your account, the corresponding amount of BAP is deducted instantly. Irrelevant of whether you interact (and get paid) with the ad or not.

Also note that if you have 1000 BAP, then your earning potential is limited / capped to receiving ads no greater than $0.50 in value... So if you only have 1000 BAP, and there is a $1 paid ad in circulation, you will not be elegible to receive it as that would require 2000 BAP to receive that ad... Therefore maintianing a big BAP balance is key to receiving the highest value ads.

BAP Groups / Levels:

In addition to random + targeted paid ads in circulation, there is generally a daily ad issue where you are most likely to receive the highest value ads for the amount of BAP you have. To earn more in the daily ad issues, climb the BAP groupings below

How To Start Out On PaidVerts

There are two ways to start out on PaidVerts:
Don't invest and start out from scratch.
Invest money until you're happy with your daily earnings.

If you're starting out from scratch, you should click work on earning as much BAP as fast as you can and trying to earn $1.05 as quickly as you can, because after you earn $1.05, you can buy $1.55 worth of ads from PaidVerts.

What you have to do is
Click on all the Activation Ads every day.
If you get any money ads, click on the ones that are $.01 or more.  ($.005 if you want to get to 5 cents quicker, but ads below $.005 are a pure waste of time)
Keep clicking on the BAP ads and $.01 value ads every day until you reach $1.05.
Once you have $1.05, buy the Bulk Ad pack to get 50 visitors to your site (I'd recommend either a website you own, or to put a referral link to a not very well-known site. (Swagbucks and InboxDollars don't work too well because most people already have an account on there!) Once you do that, you'll receive 3100 BAP which will give you back $1.55 worth in advertisements.
Keep clicking on ads until you reach $1.05. Rinse and repeat. (Every time you buy $1.05 worth of packs and repeat, your BAP will increase by 1000 overall, thus you can move up the BAP groups and earn more per click!)
Keep doing the above steps until you're happy with the amount of money you're making. (Keep investing 2/3 of what you make to stay in the BAP group you want, and cash out the rest of the money)

If you decide to invest money instead, you basically boost yourself to the 7th step in the above list. Just keep investing 2/3 of what you make daily and cash out the rest!

Ad Filter

If you'd like to prevent low value ads from being issued to your account, and consuming your Bonus Ad Points, you can adjust the filter below. The ad filter costs $10 to buy. It lasts forever! And you can change the filter setting up/down as many times as you like, free of charge. 

My Account - Super User Upgrade

Super Users gain priority receiving the 10 x 1% ads that are created, and otherwise issued at random, with each new ad campaign purchased. So if someone buys a $100 ad campaign, it will create 10 * $1 ads that will be issued at random at the end of that server day. As a super user; you will get all of those ads! (Shared with any other active super users) 
  • Upgrades last a minimum of 7 days (168 hours from the time of purchase)
  • Upgrades will be extended (adding 7 days), in the event that you have received less than $2.99 / $19.99 worth of 1% ads. This extension will occur as many times as is necessary to achieve at least the minimum delivery ad quota.
  • 1% ads are issued to random Super Users, at the end of each server day, for all the purchases made that server day.
  • Your upgrade must be active at the end of the server day, when the ads are issued, in order to receive 1% ads purchased that day. If it expires before midnight, and you don't renew it; then you won't receive any ads for that server day. (Similarly if you buy your upgrade at 11pm; you will still receive the 1% ads for all purchases made that server day; even before your 11pm purchase!)
  • You are permitted to purchase both Mini + Mega upgrades at the same time.

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